8+ Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt Chart is a type of bar chart, which is widely used to illustrate the schedule for a project, a program or a specific task of an enterprise. The Gantt Chart usually used to show the correlations between different events and the timeline, for example, the beginning and finishing dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. It emphasizes the importance of planning and controlling events and costs. The most common format of a Gantt Chart is using a graph or a form to show the actions and activities. In a Gantt Chart, the horizontal axis is the specific event, and the vertical axis shows the status of events in the original plan and real situation. For most startup team, it is the best choice for them to create a Gantt Chart as its characteristics are simplicity, ease of preparation and use, and low cost. Managers could have a general and intuitive view of what tasks they need to do and finish, then evaluate the working progress such as if the task has been completed ahead of time or delayed or proceed in a normal tempo. The Gantt Chart is an ideal and useful control tool to show the contrast of the actual progress and the requirements of the plan.