20+ Lease Template

A lease means a contractual arrangement calling for the lessee to pay the lessor for the use of an asset. Broadly put, a rental agreement is a contract between two parties, the lessor and the lessee. Our website offers you abundant of lease templates, such as Sample Lease Agreement and Lease Agreement.

  • Lease Extension Template

    Lease Extension Template Download
  • Apartment Lease Template Word

    Apartment Lease Template Word Download
  • Business Lease Template

    Business Lease Template Download
  • Commercial Lease Template Word

    Commercial Lease Template Word Download
  • Commercial Lease Template

    Commercial Lease Template Download
  • Eviction Notice

    Eviction Notice Download
  • Farm Lease Agreement

    Farm Lease Agreement Download
  • Ground Lease Template

    Ground Lease Template Download
  • Lease Abstract Template Word

    Lease Abstract Template Word Download
  • Lease Abstract Template

    Lease Abstract Template Download
  • Lease Agreement Template

    Lease Agreement Template Download
  • Lease Contract Template Word

    Lease Contract Template Word Download
  • Lease Payment Template

    Lease Payment Template Download
  • Lease Renewal Form

    Lease Renewal Form Download
  • Lease Termination Template

    Lease Termination Template Download
  • Month To Month Lease Template 1

    Month To Month Lease Template 1 Download
  • Month To Month Lease Template

    Month To Month Lease Template Download
  • Office Lease Template

    Office Lease Template Download
  • Residential Lease Template Word

    Residential Lease Template Word Download
  • Sublease Agreement Template

    Sublease Agreement Template Download